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MobyGIS s.r.l. is a start-up company active in the hydro-meteorological sector, whose mission is to answer a crucial question: “How much water is there and when will it become available?”
Technically, the company stands in the forefront of top-tech, integrating new technologies like Satellite data, Big Data, AI, physical models and GIS.
The company was registered in 2014 and in the first years of activity it mainly dedicated to snow monitoring, developing Mysnowmaps®, an operative service of snow depth monitoring at high-resolution, merging in-situ observations with satellite data.
In 2017, with the project Waterjade, the company decided to focus on water and to target industrial applications.
The team benefits from a high visibility in Europe through several grants and awards in the fields of Space, Climate-change, Big Data and Water.

The following positions are currently available:

Earth observation expert   Junior hydrologist    

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