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We help engineering companies to estimate water availability in the next years according to climate change scenarios.

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Climate projections for water resources

The water is an essential ingredient in many industries like Hydropower or Water Utilities. The design of a new industrial plant or the revamping of an existing requires a detailed study of long-term (+30 years) water availability projections.

Due to Global Warming, the raise of the snow line and the intensification of extreme events have changed the hydrological regime of rivers.
“How much water will be in that catchment in the next 30 years? How will the water regime be affected by climate change?”
Current hydrological reports struggle to answer these questions, as they mostly use statistical approaches purely based on historical data, unable to cope with the non-linearities of the hydrological balance.

Waterjade provides thorough analysis on the hydrological balance in the catchment according to the Representative Concentration Pathway (RCP) adopted by the IPCC for Climate Change scenarios.

Hydrological analysis according to climate-change scenarios

The duration curve and the expected maximum discharge at a river outlet are generally calculated through simplified methodologies, using statistical approaches purely based on historical data. The change in climate is such that most of these data are not valid any more. Designing a plant according to an obsolete water regime may result very risky, not only for the consequent inefficiencies but also for the safety of the plant itself.

Waterjade has developed specific tools, including physically-based hydrological models and machine-learning algorithms, capable to downscale the results of the Global Meteorological Models to local morphology and climate regime. The results are a thorough report of water availability projection consistent with the CO2 emissions scenarios, specifically tailored on the designed plant configuration.

Thanks to Waterjade we can help to achieve the following benefits:

  • The size of the plant may be designed according to water projections consistent with local historical climate, morphology and climate-change scenarios;

  • All water contributions are taken into account, like glacier melt, snow evolution, precipitation and evapo-traspiration, making the report complete on all water cycle;

  • Our technology can be applied under whatever climatic condition and plant configuration, making it scalable worldwide;

  • Our probabilistic approach is suited to apply optimization criteria.

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