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Frequently asked questions about Waterjade

How much does the Waterjade solution cost?

Our rate plan depends on the type of service requested, the size and complexity of the plant. Discover our services or request a quote.

How accurate are the forecasts made with Waterjade?

Waterjade uses artificial intelligence algorithms and physical models calibrated on historical data, which are subsequently fed by the most authoritative weather forecasts depending on the time horizon required (from short to long term). Our analyzes show that the service allows you to reduce the error by 50% compared to conventional methods.

How long does it take to implement the service?

Thanks to the experience gained, our engineers are able to properly configure the system within 2 working weeks from the date of signing the contract. The actual time frame depends on how quickly our engineers receive the data needed to calibrate the algorithms. For further information, contact our specialists.

How do I get Waterjade results?

The results are made available through the latest distribution protocols such as API, EPI or FTP transfer, depending on the customer’s needs.

Are updates planned during the course of the contract?

Yes, the accuracy of the service is supervised by our technicians who recalibrate the model in case of performance degradation. We always guarantee the customer a privileged relationship, through direct channels.

Is the service available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week?

The service can be available every day, depending on the required supply plan. Any data support can be booked.

I am interested in the service, but I have no in-situ measurement data, is it still possible to obtain predictions?

Thanks to our experience in using global data and understanding hydrological phenomena at the basin scale, we are able to address gaps in in-situ data availability.

I want to build a new water collection plant and I would like to understand the availability of water in the next decades.

We have experience in customized analysis services and provide detailed reports and data on water supplies that take into account the analysis of precipitation, temperature and snow limit within the basin, depending on the climate change scenarios in the next 30 years.

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