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Hydropower plants

We help hydropower companies to optimize water resources and reduce penalties in the energy market.

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Optimize hydropower production and trading

The market of Utilities has become very competitive, with reduced margins and increased expectations in terms of energy supply and safety from extreme events.
The effects of a poor planning may result in high costs of inefficiencies, penalties and possible damages.

“How to optimize water management and reduce the consequences of extreme events?”

Waterjade offers tailored services to monitor water availability in the upstream catchment and predict the inflow of water for the coming days and months.

Short-term inflow forecasts

Waterjade improves the efficiency of short-term forecasts (+5 days) by combining high-resolution weather forecasts and real-time snow monitoring with artificial intelligence and physical models. In this way we are able follow the whole water cycle.
The result is an accurate prediction of water inflow to each production plant or reservoir, with hourly aggregation for the next 5 days.

Thanks to Waterjade we can help to achieve the following benefits:

  • Reduce the fines to be paid to energy authority for non-compliance with the production plan;

  • Optimize the energy trading;

  • Reduce the probability of overflow;

  • Improve the management of extreme events, in particular of floods.

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Long-range production forecasts

Planning in advance the expected production of a plant for the next months is becoming ever more important.  Current methods, like the historical mean, fail to account for the actual watershed condition (see snow presence) and the expected evolution for the next months.

Waterjade improves the efficiency of long-range forecasts (+6 months) by calibrating a machine learning model on historical data and, on top, updating the initial condition with current snow monitoring and feeding the model with the seasonal forecast deriving from the most prestigious weather centers.

The result is an accurate prediction of producibility for the next 6 months with monthly aggregation, tailored on each production plant or reservoir.
Thanks to Waterjade we can help to achieve the following benefits:

  • Compared with historical mean, we may improve the prediction by 50%;

  • Optimize the level of the reservoir, leveraging on the energy price and reducing the probability of overflow;

  • Improve the budgeting for the expected revenues.

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Estimation of hydropower potential stored in the snow

The quantification of the snow water equivalent (SWE) accumulated upstream a production plant is a recurrent activity that is performed by hydropower companies to monitor the energy potential stored in the snow.

Current methodology is generally based on the organization measurement campaigns, on the target basin. This approach is not only demanding in terms of high costs for human intervention, but also exposes the operators to the avalanche risk, with consequent responsibilities for the operation manager.

Waterjade, thanks to its innovative approach using remote sensing and physical models, monitors SWE in any given basin without the need of measurement campaigns, thus saving money and responsibility.
Thanks to Waterjade we can help to achieve the following benefits:

  • In-situ measurements become unnecessary, with consequent savings up to 60% and no safety issues for the operators;

  • We detail the SWE estimates by elevation ranges, allowing a better representation of the current snow presence in the basin;

  • We increase the update frequency, from current 15 days update to weekly updates;

  • Compared with state-of-the-art approach, we improve the accuracy by 50%.

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