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We help public agencies to monitor the snow and make hydrological balances at regional scale.

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Monitoring snow and water resources

Due to climate change public agencies are facing crucial challenges to deal with water resources. In case of drought water becomes conflictual whereas in case of abundance it becomes a risk. For these reasons water resources need to be thoroughly and constantly monitored in order to anticipate possible critical situations.

The snow, in this context, plays a crucial role. Monitoring the snow evolution in the mountains allows to manage the avalanche risk and, as the snow is also a water bank, anticipate possible water shortages for the following months.

Is the snow cover representing a risk for avalanche? Will I be subject to water stress?

We have developed a tailored services to address these questions. See below our specific offer.

High-resolution snow monitoring at regional scale

Estimating in real-time the snow evolution at regional scale is becoming ever more important to manage the avalanche risk and to monitor the hydrological balance of water resources.  Current methods, like the statistical approach, fail to follow the snow evolution at large scale with the needed update frequency.

Waterjade improves the efficiency of snow monitoring thanks to a physically-based approach corrected by satellite data assimilation. The result is a daily update of snow conditions, useful to improve the management of the avalanche risk and calculate the hydrological balance.
Our innovative technology allows to achieve the following benefits:

  • Simulation of snow height, snow water equivalent and new snowfall, allowing a complete view on all snow variables;

  • The organization of measurement campaigns is not necessary, with consequent saving of money and safety responsibilities;

  • The use of a variety of data sources, like numerical data predictions, in-situ data and Earth observation allows to provide high-resolution and high-accurate estimates;

  • It is not limited by the availability of in-situ snow measurements, making it applicable at large scales and on ugauged basins;

  • Our approach, mostly based on in-situ meteo stations and satellite data,  allows to follow snow evolution at in quasi real-time.

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