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How much water is there and when will it become available?

The water regime in rivers is the result of a complex hydrological balance occurring in the upstream catchment. The analysis and prediction of water discharge should take into consideration not only the atmospheric evolution (namely weather forecast) but also a quantification of other sources like snow melting, evapo-transpiration and ground waters.

It is therefore important to capture a complete picture of the current hydrological situation in the basin and the expected atmospheric and ground evolution. For this reason, Waterjade combines data from different sources:

  • In-situ data: thanks to Open Data and long-standing collaboration with public agencies, we have access to more than 2.000 meteorological stations, collecting measured data on precipitation, air temperature, radiation, wind speed etc. In mountain region, we collect data from more than 500 snow gauges.

  • Satellite data: we retrieve satellite images from Copernicus, both optical and SAR, to obtain information at spatial scale on snow cover and evapo-transpiration.

  • Numerical weather predictions: according to the time span of the analysis, we collect numerical gridded data, like reanalysis of ERA5, seasonal forecast from Copernicus C3S and climate projections from CMIP5. For short-term prediction, we have developed our own instance of WRF at high resolution.

The result is a full service of water analysis and predictions, applicable on all the time line, from real-time snow monitoring, short-term forecast  (+ 5 days), seasonal forecasts (+ 6 months) and consultancy on climate projections (+30 years).

Snow monitoring

Snow monitoring at regional scale for SWE quantification and support water resources management.

Short-term inflow forecast

5-day forecasting services of discharge in small and big rivers.   

Seasonal inflow forecast

6-month forecasting services of discharge in small and big rivers.

Consultancy on hydrology

30-year climate projections for the design of new plants and the revamp of old ones.

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