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Waterjade: the digital twin of the watershed

Due to climate change and urban growth, water utilities are facing crucial challenges to meet the water demand for the population.
Will I be subject to water stress? Will I meet the water demand in the next months?

These are the questions that water managers are asking to comply with water supply. However, current digital solutions are focused on digitizing the water data just in the city, from the plant to the households, giving for granted that “water will always be there”.

With Climate Change, this assumption is not valid any more. Waterjade fills this gap, by integrating SCADA systems with information from the upstream catchment, and forecasting water harvesting for the next months. This improves the decision making of Water Utilities, in particular by anticipating drought conditions and optimizing the level of the reservoirs.

Seasonal water forecast and reservoir management

Planning in advance the expected water replenishment of a reservoir for the next months is becoming ever more important.  Current methods, like the historical mean, fail to account for the actual watershed condition, like the possible snow presence and or the cumulated rainfall from the previous months, and do not consider the expected evolution for the next months.

Waterjade improves the efficiency of long-range forecasts (+6 months) by calibrating a machine learning model on historical data and, on top, updating the initial condition with current snow monitoring and feeding the model with the seasonal forecast deriving from the most prestigious weather centers.

The result is an accurate prediction of water  harvesting for the next 6 months with monthly aggregation, tailored on each reservoir or river outlet.
Thanks to Waterjade we can help to achieve the following benefits:

  • Better predictions allow to optimize water management along the whole cycle, from water harvesting to treatment;

  • SCADA integration: Waterjade exposes API for easy integration with any SCADA system;

  • Prediction of possible drought conditions, enabling consequent remediation activities in advance;

  • Reservoir management system to allow simulation of reservoir level according to management decisions.

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