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Hydrological monitoring and forecasts from the catchment to your plant

AI and physically based technology to manage water resources


Waterjade monitors water resources at basin scale and provides water inflow forecasts for industrial use.

Each prediction leadtime addresses a particular need:


A predictive model cannot be based on obsolete data

Weather forecasts alone cannot provide water supply forecasts. The flow rate in watercourses is the result of a complex hydrological balance involving rain, snow, evapo-transpiration and groundwater.

Rising temperatures induced by climate change have raised the snow line and changed precipitation intensity. As a result, mean historical inflows are outdated and no longer representative of the current climate.

Relying on pure empirical and simplified methods may result in serious inefficiencies and risky consequences.

Waterjade adapts data analysis and forecasting procedures to the changing climate and addresses all activities in need of water for daily operations.

The catchment area may include snow-covered mountainous areas, river networks, vegetation and anthropic structures such as dams or pipelines. Modelling reality requires simplifications and schematisations.

Snow gauges
Weather stations
Millions of records

Analytics & Forecast.

Waterjade combines the latest hydrological models with artificial intelligence techniques. It processes big data from different sources, such as in-situ sensors, satellite images and weather forecasts.

The physically-based model separates various hydrological processes (e.g. snow and ice ablation, evapotranspiration, infiltration) and computes water’s residence time for the basin. Thus, it is possible to predict water availability in a given river section or in a reservoir.

Thanks to our technology, we provide a complete picture of current and future water availability in the catchment area. With Waterjade, companies are offered:

  • Snow water equivalent (SWE) monitoring in real-time

  • Short-term inflow forecasts (+7 days, hourly resolution)

  • Medium to long-term inflow and/or production forecasts (+6 months, monthly resolution)

  • Customised analyses of water availability over the next 30 years, depending on the climate change scenario

What do we do thanks to Waterjade?

Water discharge forecast, hydrological studies and snow monitoring.

Waterjade is a customised prediction service based on the hydraulic configuration of a specific plant and the characteristics of the upstream catchment. Furthermore, it is a team of professionals who support customers in data interpretation.

Thanks to Waterjade we respond promptly to our customers’ needs in terms of accuracy and forecasting horizon.

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Waterjade targets all activities that need water for daily operations

Hydropower plants

Water Utilities

Public agencies

Engineering companies

Insurance agencies

Hydropower Plants

Water Utilities

Engineering Companies

Public Agencies

They’ve chosen us already


Waterjade’s services are used by the second, third and fourth largest Italian hydroelectric power producer. Waterjade is also a pilot project in Guatemala.


We have a pilot project underway to optimise water management in the reservoirs and supply the Seville metropolitan area.

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